Improve performance of European police officers by developing VR enhanced training


SHOTPROS aims to improve the training for European Police officers. The influence of psychological and contextual human factors (HFs) on the behaviour of decision-making and acting (DMA) of police officers under stress and in high-risk operational situations will be investigated. Based on the results, SHOTPROS will develop a HF-rooted training curriculum and a corresponding VR training solution to provide a comprehensive framework for practical training.

The SHOTPROS project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation Programme under grant agreement No 833672.


the performance of European street patrol officers


European police in their fight against crime and terrorism


the security strategy of the European Union


to the public safety of European citizen

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A team of 13 European partners from high-ranked research institutions, business companies and international Law Enforcement Agencies will cooperate for 42 months (May 2019 – October 2022) on SHOTPROS.

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