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Multisensory Platform enhancing the Virtual Reality Experience

SHOTPROS aims to develop innovative police training enhanced by Virtual Reality (VR). To make the VR as realistic as possible, a Mobile Multi-Sensory Platform (MMSP) was prototyped to increase the level of immersion and sense of presence.

Most VR applications are based on audio-visual stimuli alone. SHOTPROS strives to go beyond state of the art and therefore developed the MMSP as a research prototype, aimed towards making multi-user VR training more tangible, realistic and to evoke realistic behavior. The MMSP is equipped with four modules to trigger human senses:

  • Heat
  • Wind
  • Mist
  • Pain/Vibration

Those elements can be added in coordination with the scenario designer to make the scenario more realistic. AIT conducted a study during the Field Trials in Selm and Berlin to investigate, whether multi-sensory enhancement of stressors leads to an increase in stress, threat perception and presence.

The final research results will be presented at the final conference in September in Ranst/Belgium.

Upcoming Events:

Final Conference 14th – 15th September 2022/Ranst, Belgium

For further information about the registration visit the VR Police Network website or contact

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