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Site visits at SHOTPROS Law Enforcement Agencies 

VU Amsterdam is currently conducting site visits at all law enforcement partners to validate their training curricula and to identify „best practices“ in European police training. The outcomes of this research activity, together with the end-user requirements will set a basis for the development of the future police training, enhanced by virtual reality.

  • Requirement workshops with end-users are completed and evaluated
  • Desk research regarding existing European police training curricula is finalized
  • Validation of existing training curricula is in progress


The Vrije University of Amsterdam, lead of WP3 has a high proficiency in the investigation and evaluation of several sorts of training. To achieve the best possible results they use their experience to validate the training curricula the have received from all SHOTPROS law enforcement agencies. The site visits include the observation of the training as described in the curricula, analysis of the didactics and the correspondence of theory and practice. The respective training activities include shooting training, vehicle control, actions against armed offenders and many more. Furthermore, the police trainers are interviewed and their opinion about the training in general and possible improvements are investigated.

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