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SHOTPROS – Requirement Workshops in Progress

Police officers at the requirement workshop

Train.Decide.Act – The SHOTPROS project started with the kick-off in May 2019 and is in progress now. We are currently working on the requirement workshops to identify the needs of the end-users and possible training scenarios for a Virtual Reality (VR) training. The workshops with the Police Amsterdam and North-Rhine-Westphalia are already completed and uncovered exciting insights into the needs, requirements and constraints concerning training from an end-user perspective.

End-user in the centre of research 

SHOTPROS aims to develop a human factor-rooted training curriculum and a corresponding VR training solution to provide a comprehensive framework for practical training for decision-making and acting under stress and in high-risk situations (DMA-SR). Through the training program, the performance of European street patrol officers will improve. Consequently, they will be better prepared for new challenges in their fight against crime, terrorism, CBRNe threats and radicalism.

The end-user workshops in work package 2 are led by KU Leuven and deliver the input for the human factor-based DMA model and the VR training scenarios. Several methods are used to evaluate the necessary information in the workshops with the participants from European Law Enforcement Agencies.

Innovative research methods – inspired by Lego Serious Play

Each of the 1.5 days workshops consists of a focus group which investigates the human and organisational factors that the participants consider to influence their decision-making and acting during interventions. We follow this by exploring their current training practices as well as their needs in future trainings.

The next step is a co-creation workshop. Here, we take inspiration from Lego Serious Play in order to collect suitable, end-user approved scenarios which will lay the foundation for the VR scenarios in our training curriculum. Using LEGO is not only easy and approachable for the participants. The 3-dimensional results also facilitate the sharing and communication about the scenarios between all stakeholders of
the project.

To get an even deeper understanding of the end user requirements, we lastly investigate and discuss the wants and needs for the VR solution with the participants of the workshops.

Lego Serious Play at the Requirement Workshops
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