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SHOTPROS 3rd Field Trial in Amsterdam

4.4. – 8.4.2022

The 3rd Field Trial was organised by the SHOTPROS LEA partner NPN from 4 to 8 April 2022 in the Police Academy of the Dutch Police in Amsterdam.

The goal of this field trial was to conduct realistic training with police students and police officers of the experienced National Police Amsterdam. Another goal was to test, how the LEA partner could integrate VR into their existing curriculum based on existing results from research and technology.

The Dutch police decided to work in teams of 4, with police students as trainees and adapted scenarios that fit into current the learning schedule of the selected students. Media involvement was kept on a low level to enhance the focus of the training and was performed by a Dutch Police vlog-reporter.

Since the Amsterdam FT was organised in the proximity of Selm (FT location 4) and Ranst (where the final conference will be located), delegations (trainer and management) of both SHOTPROS partners visited to gather insights into the conduction and to transfer the knowledge to the next field trial and the final conference.

The program was planned with a set-up and dry-run day, a train-the-trainer workshop and 3 days of standardised training in the mornings and experimenting time in the afternoon.

  • Germany – Berlin (16-20 MAY 2022)
  • Belgium – Ranst (14-15 SEPTEMBER 2022)

If you need further information or want to participate please contact us

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